10 Tips to Find the Cheapest Flights Every Time

Try the Smaller Airline

Why does the airline have to be the biggest possible? Sure, it’s easy to trust American Airlines because everyone has heard of them but why not check out a smaller company? Just make sure they have good reviews and safety regulations and you’ve really got nothing to lose except up to half of the cost!

Stick with Economy

We know you want to fly in comfort but is a slightly nicer seat worth the extra hundreds? Even if you could totally afford the first class experience, why would you when it’s not even that much of an upgrade from economy? Just stick to economy and you’ll be much happier when you can pay a little more for souvenirs on your trip.

Take the Red Eye

The red eye flights are the least expensive. After all, nobody wants to be getting on a plane at the same time most are tucking themselves into bed for the night. It’ll pay off in price though and don’t forget, you can always have a little nap on your flight!

Compare Prices Online

You’ve got to do your research if you want the best deals. Thankfully, there are plenty of sites out there that want to help you do this. Check sites like Hotwire or Kayak for competitive pricing. You can even sign up for emails and discounts direct from your favorite airlines or local airports.

Indie Airports

Check out the smaller airports to see what they have available. While the larger ones will have all of the larger airlines in them, the smaller airports may offer a nicer margin for price adjustment. Look around and see if you can find a smaller airport that’s willing to give you a better deal to try to keep up with the competition.

Indirect Destination

If there is an airport within driving distance of your ultimate destination, try to fly there instead of the one that’s directly in the city. Even with cab fare, this way may be cheaper than just flying directly to the destination. Scout other ways of getting to your destination indirectly and you could save a lot of money for the slight inconvenience.

Work with the Weekend for Round-trip Flights

As proved with the Wednesday tip, there are times of the week when your flights are always going to be cheaper, especially on round-trip flights. For example, if your round-trip flight ends on Friday night you will always being paying A LOT more. However, if you were to take off on Saturday night instead, you can save a huge chunk of change.

Alternative Routes

Naturally, the most common flight path is going to be a little pricier because it’s most popular. Check around to see if there is a way to make your trip less expensive by taking an alternate route. Layovers won’t kill you, especially when it means more cash in your wallet for the trip!

Shop One at a Time

By purchasing tickets in a group, you are all going to be paying the same prices. This means that even if there were lower priced seats available on the plane, you’d still be paying the higher price. Purchase the tickets for your group on individual transactions so you can find the best rates all over the plane. Who cares if you’re not all sitting right next to each other? You just saved a bunch of money!

Fly on Wednesdays

Wednesdays are statistically the least expensive day of the week to fly. The perfect mid-week flight could cut your ticket price in half compared to those who take off on Fridays. You’ll notice you have a lot more room on these days too so overall, it’s going to be a win!

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