157th Airbus A380 Aircraft to become a Billionaire’s Flying House

The France based Airbus company has said it’ll fill orders from 14 foreign customers for nearly 200 of the world’s largest double-Decker commercial jets so far. But number 157 will be reserved for an “undisclosed billionaire”, who according is going to pay nearly half a billion dollars for this world’s largest passenger aircraft.

This undisclosed billionaire will be paying $475 million for the plane – $325 million price tag, plus $150 million in custom upgrades – thereby making it one of the most expensive mobile homes in the world.

Here is an illustration of the $475 million, custom Airbus A380 flying house. For mysterious reasons of his or her own, the Billionaire has christened the aircraft as “Project Trinity!”

New York based industrial designer Ed se Doret has outfitted the personalized aircraft, with everything from a massive formal dining room to a whirlpool tub. So the A380 flying house is ready to takeoff with the mysterious him or her when Airbus gives the clear signal.

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