25 Horrifying Foods People Actually Eat Around The World.

25 Horrifying Foods People Actually Eat Around The World. We may find these food disgusting and unappetizing because of their looks but I know for sure that once you have tried it, you’re gonna eat it over and over again. So are you ready?

1. Monkey Brains (Hong Kong)

Monkey Brains

Source: images.stanzapub.com

We all remember that scene in Indiana Jones when the hero and his companions are served monkey brains still in their monkey heads. Today, this practice (as well as serving the brains still in a live monkey) is all but forgotten. Instead, you’ll mostly find them chilled and/or grilled–and they are said to be pretty mushy, salty and taste somewhat metallic.

2. Cow Blood Cocktail (Ethiopia)

Cow Blood Cocktail

Source: simomot.com

Mixed with a little milk and enjoyed in all its frothy goodness (pretty much straight from the source), cow’s blood is ritualistically consumed by several tribes throughout Africa, often as part of a rite-of-passage or coming-of-age ritual.

3. Tuna Eyeballs (Japan)

Tuna Eyeballs

Source: www.12fly.com.my

If you’re one of those people who “can’t deal with the heads left on their food because it looks like they’re staring at you,” then you’ll probably want to stay far away from maguro no medama-ni. A delicacy in many Asian cultures, tuna eyeballs can be readily found in supermarkets throughout Japan, as well as China. To prepare them, the eyes are often boiled or stewed, leaving them rubbery and vaguely the texture of scallops. The eyes are then seasoned with salt and ginger, and apparently taste a bit like squid.

4. Partially-Developed Duck Fetus (Philippines)

Partially-Developed Duck Fetus

Source: theuncrownedemperor.files.wordpress.com

Oh yes, it’s supposed to look like that. In the Philippines, Balut is a partially developed baby duck that’s boiled and eaten in the shell (typically in a sauce of chili, garlic, vinegar, and salt). And in case you’re wondering, the developing duck embryos are aged based on local preference, and are prepared either before or after such features as the beak, feathers, bones, and claws form.

5. This Pie That’s Mostly Fish Heads (England)

This Pie Thats Mostly Fish Heads

Source: lifeglobe.net

This Cornish dish is made to commemorate a legendary catch by a fisherman one stormy night. Now, I know what you’re thinking… “nothing says “festive” like fish heads staring right up at me,” but the arrangement serves a functional purpose as well as a symbolic one. Apparently, it allows the oils and juices released during cooking to flow back into the pie.

6. Noseloaf (Canada)


Source: www.truenorthtimes.ca

A big hit in Canada, all you do to prepare this dish is take a moose head, boil it down with some spices, discard the bones, and you’re left with one meaty jellied moose nose. How does that sound for appetizing?

7. A Seal Carcass Filled With Birds (Greenland)

A Seal Carcass Filled With Birds

Source: paddlinghq.com

Filed under: one of the weirdest things humans have ever done to animals in the name of food… Kiviak has been described as “the turducken from hell.” Basically, you take a seal, and remove everything that was once inside it. Then, you fill that seal with hundreds of bird carcasses, before sealing that seal with a seal of seal oil (say that 5 times fast). Then you bury the whole thing under a pile of rocks for a year or so, before breaking it open like the most disgusting piñata.

8. “Virgin Boy Eggs” (China)

Virgin Boy Eggs

Source: showshanti.com

It turns out, Tong Zi Dan (“virgin boy eggs”) are actually just plain old eggs that have been boiled in the bathwater of the elderly. Just kidding, it’s the urine of pre-pubescent boys.

9. Stinkbugs (Africa)


Source: i.imgur.com

In Africa, they do something pretty graphic to make these stinkbugs palatable. According to ScienceInAfrica: “the heads of the dead bugs are removed and the thorax and abdomen are squeezed between the thumb and index finger. This causes a translucent pale green gland to be exuded through the neck of the dead insect, and this is wiped off on a rock. The bugs are then boiled and sun-dried.” Yum.

10. Your First Grade Classroom Pet (Peru)

Your First Grade Classroom Pet

Source: img.po-kaki-to.com

Thankfully, I have never had a guinea pig as a pet, or I’d find this Peruvian favorite pretty hard to swallow.

11. Raw Horse Meat With A Cute Name (Japan)

Raw Horse Meat With A Cute Name

Source: girlschannel.net

Also known as “sakuraniku,” cherry blossom meat gets its name from the pink (cherry blossom-esque) hues of the raw, sashimi style cuts of horse. And generally speaking, if you have to describe your meat as “meat,” that probably should have been a red flag to begin with. Or in this case, a pink flag.

12. Giant Water Bugs (Thailand)

Giant Water Bugs

Source: gizmodo.com

“It’s too big to be considered a bug,” they said. “It’s just like a crab or a lobster,” they said. Nope. This is how one blogger describes the process of eating one of these monstrosities: “In order to eat a giant water bug you need to first amputate the hard outer wings. Pull them off before digging into the meat and eggs of the body, and finally fish out all the meat from the head.” Whelp, there goes my ability to ever eat again.

13. Scorpions On A Stick (China)

Scorpions On A Stick

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Apparently the cooking process not only neutralizes the venom in a scorpion, it imbues it with a crispy, buttery flavor. I can only imagine what the first person to discover this must have been thinking, as he or she dropped a whole cooked scorpion in their mouth and hoped for the best.

14. Greasy Rat-Meat (Mexico)

Greasy Rat-Meat

Source: thechive.com

Not just for science and scaring old housewives from the ’50’s, field rats are now becoming an increasingly popular boiled or grilled dish in places like Mexico and China. Be warned: like all rodents, rats secrete an oil which permeates their meat…giving it a distinctly ratty flavor and smell.

15. Sexy-Time Bull Genital Soup (Philippines)

Sexy-Time Bull Genital Soup

Source: images.24ur.com

Apparently in the Philippines, you order soups based on what you hope to accomplish by eating said soup. In the case of the now-infamous Soup Number 5, folks sought a powerful aphrodisiac (which they firmly believe they’ve found in this concoction of stewed bull penis and testes).

16. Fruit Bat Soup (Palau)

Fruit Bat Soup

Source: swag.com

Na na na na batsoup! It’s pretty much like any other soup, just with the addition of a fruit bat.

17. Little Fish Balls (Japan)

Little Fish Balls

Source: spettacoliecultura.ilmessaggero.it

If you’ve had sushi before, the chances are pretty good that you’ve eaten fish eggs, unwittingly or otherwise. It is therefore not much of a leap for many to make to say “well, might as well try some fish balls too.” Enter: Shirako, the fishy semen-sack.

18. Grasshopper Stir-Fry (Uganda)

Grasshopper Stir-Fry

Source: whenonearth.net

“Nsenene” taught me something new today. Apparently grasshoppers have fat, and not just “some” fat, but enough fat to fry themselves and their friends in when making this popular Ugandan delicacy. The more you know!

19. Beating Cobra Heart Shots (Vietnam)

Beating Cobra Heart Shots

Source: mexicoinsmallbytes.com

Depending on where you go, you’ll either get your still-beating cobra heart plunked into a shot of vodka with a dash of cobra bile and blood, or you’ll get the opportunity to eat it right out of the freshly opened snake itself. Either way, the one rule you must abide by is: do not chew the heart. It contains a toxin that can be digested by stomach acids but not saliva, and releasing it in your mouth will cause you to pass out shortly thereafter.

20. Penis. Like, Pretty Much Any Type of Penis (China)

Penis. Like Pretty Much Any Type of Penis

Source: stackliving.com

The popular chain of Chinese restaurants called Guo Li Zhuang has become world-famous for one thing: serving up the penis of virtually any animal they can get their hands on. “Dragon in the Flame of Desire” is one of the restaurant’s specialties, a delicacy consisting largely of the veiny, triumphant member of a yak (that has been steamed, fried, and flambeéd).

21. Whole Sheep Heads (Norway)

Whole Sheep Heads

Source: whenonearth.net

You’d be surprised by how many places around the world will serve you a whole roasted animal’s head (and more so by what odds-and-ends that culture decides to leave in or remove from the head before serving it to you). In Norway, smalahove (sheep heads) have only their brains removed before being soaked, salted, steamed and served. I hear the cheek meat is exquisite.

22. Drunken Shrimp (China)

Drunken Shrimp

Source: tomostyle.files.wordpress.com

Sometimes a clever name is not really all that clever. It turns out “drunken shrimp” are literally shrimp that are so drunk off of “baijiu” liquor, they’ll let you eat them alive.

23. Southern Fried Rattlesnake (United States)

Southern Fried Rattlesnake

Source: tastykitchen.com

It is America, so if it can be eaten… you can bet your boots we’ll fry it, wrap it in bacon, and smother it in barbecue sauce. In this case, apparently the rattlers yield a pretty good amount of white meat that tastes a bit like fish.

24. A Bowl Full Of Ant Larvae (Mexico)

A Bowl Full Of Ant Larvae

Source: 4.bp.blogspot.com

You’d better know what you’re ordering when you see “Escamoles” on the menu. This unassuming dish consumed around Mexico City is said to have a buttery flavor and cottage cheese consistency, but don’t let its white-bean-soup-esque exterior fool you… those are ant babies.

25. Haggis: The Sheep-ception Of Sausage (Scotland)


Source: amaninparisblog.com

In a lot of ways, haggis is just like any other sausage (insofar as it’s a lot of leftover sheep bits ground up and cooked inside another sheep organ, in this case the stomach). Unlike most other sausages, however, it does bear a distinct and striking resemblance to something out of Aliens.

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