Amazing Wildlife Crossings in the Netherlands

The wildlife crossings are structures that provide a safe crossing path for wildlife to cross human-made barriers like the danger of highways. The first wildlife crossings were constructed in France during the 1950s and other European countries including the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany have followed this trend.

The Netherlands was one of the first countries to deploy a network of wildlife crossings across the landscape. They have been using various crossing structures to reduce the conflict between wildlife and roads for several decades

The Netherlands have more than 600 tunnels installed under major and minor roads which serve as safe wildlife crossings. These wildlife crossings in the Netherlands have helped to substantially increase population levels of the endangered European Badger.

The Netherlands also boasts the world’s longest ecoduct wildlife overpass near Crailo. It is called the Natuurbrug Zanderij Crailo. This massive structure, completed in 2006, is 50 meter wide and over 800 meter long and spans a highway, railway and golf course.

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