AutoTram Extra Grand – The World’s Longest Bus

The AutoTram Extra Grand is a behemoth of mass transportation. This massive transportation bus is nearly 101 feet long and is undoubtedly the longest bust in the world. Designed by Fraunhofer IVI and the Technical University Dresden, the Autotram Extra Grand bus has a capacity of carrying 256 passengers.

Developed by the boffins of the Fraunhofer Institute for Traffic and Infrastructure Systems in Germany, this bus has three accordion-linked cabins. The AutoTram has a computer system to aid its driver with turning and it doesn’t require any special training for its driver. The Autotram Extra Grand, the world’s longest bus, incorporates green technology with hybrid fuel and an electric engine that can travel five miles operating purely on battery power.

This massive bus is extremely long and has a passenger capacity of a small train. But while the AutoTram is the longest bus in the world, it isn’t the largest-capacity bus. The title for the world’s largest-capacity bus is currently held by China’s Youngman JNP6250G. This 82 feet long bus is capable of carrying 300 passengers.

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