Beautiful Places to Visit in Turkey

Repeatedly called the bridge between East and West, I often say Turkey is the most beautiful place in the world.

Tranquil Uzungol

Sitting in the Northeast Black sea region, Uzungol is relatively unknown to Westerners but is popular with Arabic tourists. Traditionally, locals collect wood from the nearby forests to build their hotels and houses, situated around the large and peaceful lake.

Beautiful Places in Turkey

Icecream and Castles at Simena

Simena (Kalekoy) is a popular village on Mediterranean cruises. Well known for its homemade icecream flavours, another reason to visit is the view of Kekova Bay from the Byzantine castle.

Prettiest Places to Visit in Turkey

Colourful Cappadocia

Cave churches, dipping valleys and weird rock formations form the surreal landscape of Cappadocia. Notoriously featured in the film Ghost Rider, its importance also stems from its history as a hub for early Christianity.


Pool of Abraham

Also known as Balikli Gol, the beauty of the Pool of Abraham is not its size or visual appearance but as the destination where Nimrod supposedly threw Abraham into the fire. Situated in the city of Sanliurfa, a 2-day stay is a perfect insight into conservative Turkey.


Rustic Vibes at Butterfly Valley

This rustic destination on the Mediterranean coast is favourably reached by boat. The short beach is backed by a green valley that in late summer becomes the breeding ground for butterflies.

Butterfly Valley

Celsus Library at Ephesus

The ruins of Ephesus showcase the second-largest city of the Roman Empire including a large Hellenistic theatre and also terraced houses with intact, ancient frescoes. One much admired building though is the Celsus library that was the third largest of the ancient world holding 12,000 scrolls and also the sarcophagus of the Roman senator Tiberius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus


Inozu Vadesi in Beypazari

Varied bird species including the majestic hawk and bald eagle have turned Inozu Valley into a bird-watching haven and government protected area. Located one hour from the capital Ankara, the nearby town of Beypazari was built by architects from Ottoman Safranbolu hence the similar appearance in architecture.

Inozu vadisi Beypazari Ankara

The Seaside Village of Kas

Remaining true to its fishing village roots, the seaside village of Kas promotes a slow-paced lifestyle. Cobbled streets are filled with white washed houses, lined with wooden shutters and immense amounts of pink bougainvillea.

Kas Turkey

Olu Deniz Beach

Olu Deniz has sold its heritage to accommodate the mass amounts of British tourists that frequent the area but its beach remains perfectly stunning. White sand, fronted with a crystal blue sea eventually leads way to the famous Blue Lagoon.

Most Beautiful Places in Turkey

Savsat Sahara National Park

Savsat National park in the East of Turkey surprises everyone with its strikingly green valleys. Home to Turkish yayla houses, it is off the beaten track, therefore receives little promotion or tourism.

Savsat Sahara Park Turkey

Beaches and Ancient Ruins at Phaselis

Devastated by pirate attacks and the Persian invasions in 540 BC, the ancient ruins of Phaselis sit between two sandy beaches, that both feature the majestic Taurus Mountains in the background.

Most Beautiful Places to Visit

Mesopotamian Mardin

The old town of Mardin is waiting to join the UNESCO World Heritage collection. From the rooftop terrace houses, visitors find themselves in front of a picturesque, landscape view of the edge of ancient Mesopotamia.


Perfect Pamukklale

Famous as a spa centre during Roman times, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Pamukkale, and the nearby ancient ruins of Hierapolis, became the most visited tourism destination of Turkey in 2014.

Pamukkale Turkey

Glory of the Hagia Sophia

The nostalgic city, steeped in Ottoman and Byzantine history is now a top destination in the world for city breaks but we wanted to be more specific, therefore chose the old church and former mosque of Hagia Sophia. Christian frescoes combined with Islamic calligraphy and some of the most renowned architecture in history makes it a top visited attraction in Istanbul.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Turkey

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