Chand Baori – One of the Deepest, Oldest and Largest Step Well in the World

Chand Baori is famous step well situated in the village of Abhaneri near Jaipur in the Indian state of Rajisthan. It is one of the oldest, deepest and largest step well in India. Chand Baori is also considered to be among the oldest, deepest and biggest step wells in the world.

Chand Baori is one of the most remarkable landmarks in India. It was built between the 8th and 9th century by King Chanda of the Nikumbha Dynasty. Located opposite to Harshat Mata Temple, the well was dedicated to Hashat Mata, Goddess of Joy and Happiness upon completion.

Chand Baori is an incredible square structure. There are 3,500 narrow steps in 13 stories lined along the wall on three sides of the well that extend 100 feet into the ground. The steps are arranged in perfect symmetry and descends to the bottom of the well to a puddle of water.

The state of Rajasthan is extremely arid and the structure of Chand Baori was intended to conserve as much water as possible. This huge step well provided the surrounding areas with a dependable water source for centuries before modern water supply systems were introduced. However, the well is no longer in use.

It is a fine example of the architectural excellence prevalent in the past. It remained overlooked for years. However, the step well has become on the most popular tourist attractions in the province of Rajasthan. Chand Baori was featured in the movie The Fall and also made a small appearance in Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises.

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