Cyprus, Europe’s most high-tech restaurant experiences

Oshi CyprusNestled among the traditional taverns and quaint eateries in Limassol, Cyprus, is one of Europe’s most high-tech restaurant experiences. The Oshi restaurant, which opened its doors in early 2012, offers Asian fare and a unique, interactive dining experience unmatched by any restaurant in the world.

Guests at Oshi dine at state-of-the-art 55 inch LED tables. The tables allow them to do everything from order food to call a taxi when they’re finished with their meal. Prior to ordering, diners can browse through high def photographs, descriptions, and nutritional information for each dish on the menu. Once guests have decided what they’d like to eat, they can place their order electronically. Interested patrons can also watch from their table through a live camera in the kitchen as Oshi’s chefs prepare their meals. The tables also provide diners with the option of calling a server, making common requests such as additional cutlery or water refills, playing interactive games, or accessing the bill at any time during the meal.Oshi chefsFrequent diners to Oshi can create a personal account, which gives them access to special perks for their next visit. Discounts are available, and the interactive table’s Smart System provides menu suggestions to repeat visitors based on their previous orders. Guests can also access their order history for a highly personal refresher on meals they previously enjoyed.Interactive tableThe tables, developed by Interactive Restaurant Technology (IRT), were designed with one goal in mind: to create a unique, convenient, and fun dining experience for guests. In addition to their state-of-the-art tables, the company has also developed a number of other interactive dining solutions for the restaurant business. These range from terminals at restaurant entrances that allow diners to view table availability and preview the menu, to interactive bar counters where guests can browse drink menus and place their orders.

For now, diners who are interested in experiencing the technology in action may have to make their way to Cyprus for an evening at Oshi. Although IRT’s interactive restaurant solutions have not yet entered the US market, we expect to see the devices popping up in US eateries in the coming years.  Oshi tableThis high-tech dining experience provides a new level of entertainment and personalization when dining out. While this seems like the beginning of the digital dining, there’s further room to grow through integrating entertainment design. Interactive restaurant tech is a space that’s poised to take off. We’re looking forward to seeing how IRT’s high tech offerings are incorporated into restaurants around the world, and will keep you updated on new openings.Oshi Restaurant

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