Das Park Hotel Built from Giant Sewage Pipes

Look familiar? Yep. The concrete tube hotel phenomenon strikes yet again, this time in Germany and Austria.

Though there are lots of small details that are making us fall deeply in love with this “hotel” and its amenities, we feel this tagline on the website sums things up pretty well: “dasparkhotel would like to offer a temporary comfortable uncomplicated home for a certain time.”

Gee, thanks, dasparkhotel. Read on below to see inside one of the pimped-out drain pipes!

The hotel’s season runs from May 1 through the end of October, and rates are pay-as-you-wish (kind of like the Boatel art project we heard about last month). Which is fine with us! For the sheer novelty of it, we’d happily unburden ourselves of a few euros—or fifty.

Once email confirmations are sent, guests receive a “personal door code” which allows them access to their room as soon as they arrive on-site. Mattresses are double wide Eurofoam, supported by ergonomic slatted Optimo frames. Though bathroom facilities are located separately, rooms do come with 220V outlets to charge your gadgets.

So whip out that smartphone and snap away. This is most definitely Facebook-worthy.

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