Dine in the Dark at Opaque Restaurant

It is proven that whenever a sense is impaired or removed, other senses become enhanced to compensate. For example, individuals who have their vision impaired often have a higher-than-average sense of hearing.

That’s the guiding principle behind Opaque, which lets your tongue do all the work in a completely pitch-back dining experience. In this restaurant, guests dine in complete darkness in order to enhance the senses of smell, touch, and especially taste.

If you’re wondering about the logistics, they’ve already worked out all of the more complicated details. Diners pick what they want to eat in the lounge before entering the restaurant. Then, the diners are led to their seats by employees with night vision goggles.

Their website gives an initial idea of what the experience is like, with a completely dark page (click “dining room”) that only reveals text when you move your mouse to the correct location. Supposedly, a dining experience in Opaque won’t be much different, as the place is completely black. How dark, exactly? According to the site, “you will get a new understanding of ‘pitch-black!’

The menu promises to be as memorable as the dining experience, including dishes such as sun dried tomato pesto rigatoni, filet mignon, and warm chocolate lava cake. We’re guessing it’s dark chocolate. The food looks delectable, just don’t try to feed a forkful of your meal to your date unless you’re feeling lucky.

While the restaurant is certainly charming and unique, it seems like it would be best suited as an adventurous outing rather than a romantic date. After all, it will be nearly impossible not to embarrass yourself. Any diner who could manage to make it through an entire meal without spilling a drink or accidentally putting his hands in the food deserves a medal. Plus, dining is inherently a social experience, and so much of the way that we communicate is in our body language.  Opaque would probably be a great place to dine with friends for the novelty of it, but don’t take your date. After all, she might think you’re trying to say something about her appearance.

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