Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton, Canada

Fantasyland Hotel, Edmonton, Canada

If you sometimes find that your bedroom leaves you feeling bored and uninspired, there are hotels out there that can help you escape into a world of fantasy. Of course, not everyone has the same fantasy getaway, but that’s no problem at the Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton, Canada. This hotel, located in “North America’s largest shopping and entertainment centre” offers 120 fantasy themed rooms. This doesn’t exactly mean that there are 120 themes to choose from, but your options are certainly not limited. The 120 rooms are variations on about a dozen interesting themes.

We’ll start off by giving you a list of the available themes: Hollywood, Roman, Polynesian, African, Truck, Western, Victorian Coach, Arabian, Igloo, Canadian Rail, and Sports. If you don’t see anything on this list that interests you at all, the hotel does have standard rooms in addition to these themed rooms. When the hotel first opened in 1986, they only had five of these themes, but as the hotel grew in popularity, they continued to add new themes, arriving at the current number of 11. So the first thing you have to do is decide which of these options best fits your fantasy hotel experience: and how much excitement you can handle in your room.

Fantasyland Hotel, Edmonton, Canada

Some of the themed rooms are definitely more mild than the others. The Western room, for example, is relatively sedate while still creating a frontier atmosphere. As you can imagine, there is plenty of Native American print upholstery and exposed timber to be found in this room. There is, however, one little surprise that rescues this room from being just another mock western cabin. The children’s quarters are tucked into a replica county jail. Two bunks are supplied for the young “cowpokes” who will spend the night behind bars. This scenario works out great for kids who like the adventure of sleeping in unusual territory and parents that like to keep their kids locked up when they want some rest. The Hollywood theme is also on the mild side, but it is not without glamour. A purple bed, zebra carpet, and a black marble Jacuzzi are all included in the Hollywood experience. I know that actually sounds pretty wild, but trust me, compared to some of the other rooms it’s nothing.

Fantasyland Hotel, Edmonton, Canada

The most outrageous of the bunch are definitely the Polynesian (pictured at top), African, and Arabian themed rooms. These three themes are often associated with the exotic, and the Fantasyland hotel proves no exception to this generalization. The Polynesian and African rooms stand out for their elaborate hot tubs. The Jacuzzis are set into large stone facades and feature waterfalls directed into the tubs. Not too surprisingly, there is plenty of animal print in the African room as well as a wildlife mural. One of the most unusual themed rooms is the Victorian Coach room. Just as the title of the room states, there is actually a Victorian Coach in the room. In fact, the bed is inside the coach. The furniture, fixtures, and paneling all follow suit and there is plenty of dark wood trimming and intricately pattern upholstery. Between all the themes here, the Fantasyland hotel has covered a good portion of history and geography. If you can’t find it here, you’ll just have to visit the real thing.

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