Fastest Train in the World – China’s CRH380A

China is not a country to rest on its past achievements. It keeps working to develop faster and faster high-speed trains and the country is successful in enhancing its rail safety and efficiency. China is home to some of the fastest trains in the world. But the country seems to be not happy with the speed of these high speed trains. Recently it has introduced a bullet train named – The CRH380A. The new bullet train has a top speed of 302 mph and as a result it is the world’s fastest train.

The CRH380A bullet train of China broke the 300 mph barrier. The 302 mph top speed makes this the fastest legal way to travel by land. However, the speed of the train will be reduced in regular operations. The CRH380A high-speed train is one of the four Chinese train series which have been designed for the new standard operating speed of 380 kmh or 236 mph on newly constructed Chinese high-speed main lines.

The shape of the train is designed to aerodynamically cut through drag like a knife — literally. The train’s design was inspired by China’s ancient swords and is made from plastic reinforced with carbon fiber. The world’s fastest train is manufactured by Sifang Locomotive, a subsidiary of CSR Corp. The train is powered by 25 kV AC overhead electrical system. It can carry up to 494 passengers and its route is from Shanghai to Nanjing and Shanghai to Hangzhou.

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