Fraser Island in Australia – The Largest Sand Island in the World

Fraser Island is an island located just off the east coast of Australia. Fraser Island is a vast 184,000 hectare island and is regarded as the largest sand island in the world. The island stretches over 123 kilometers in length and 22 kilometers at its widest point. The Fraser Island along the southern coast of Queensland, Australia.

There are majestic remnants of tall rainforest growing on sand in Fraser Island. Almost half of the world’s perched freshwater dune lakes are found inland from the beach. The total volume of sand above sea level on Fraser Island is directly proportional to the mass of 113 cubic kilometers. The combination of shifting sand-dunes, tropical rainforests and lakes makes Fraser Island an exceptional site.

Fraser Island has a truly amazing array of natural wonders including beautiful rainforests, pristine freshwater lakes, endless surf beaches, immense natural sand blows, cliffs of dramatic colored sands, crystal clear streams, rocky headlands and vast stretches of mangroves. There are several lakes on Fraser Island each with its own individual character. Swimming in these extremely beautiful lakes can be a memorable experience.

Fraser Island is one of the most significant natural wonders of the world. It is the largest coastal dune system as well as the largest sand island in the world. Fraser Island ranks along the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru and Kakadu National Parks as being of universal significance its special environments.

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