Hawksbill Crag – A Popular Hiking Destination in the USA

Hawksbill Crag (also known as Whittaker Point) is a popular hiking destination in the USA. It is located within the Upper Buffalo Wilderness, an infrequently visited wilderness in the U.S. state of Arkansas. The main attraction of Hawksbill Crag is the giant rock – possibly the most photographed rock in Arkansas.

Hawksbill Crag is marked with red triangles and black arrows and offers an amazing scenery of the valley. At the end of September to November, the valley becomes painted by the autumn leaves. The red, yellow, golden and brown colors make the valley breathtaking. 

There is only one official trail in the Upper Buffalo Wilderness – Hawksbill Crag Trail, leading visitors to Hawksbill Crag. There are a few beautiful waterfalls along the way and the water is pure. However, visitors should expect difficult hiking conditions.


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