Hotel for Car lovers, V8 Hotel, Stuttgart, Germany


Found in the center of Stuttgart’s Meilenwerk, an international hub for car dealers, is the three-year-old V8 Hotel, an oasis for car lovers. The former Bauhaus-style, 1928 airport site–turned–four-star property (partners with the Porsche Museum and Mercedes-Benz) offers 34 magnificently and authentically decorated rooms and suites. Themed accommodations, such as a ’70s Cadillac drive-in cinema, a Mercedes-Benz car wash and a Morris Minor garage, are musts for those who adore all things automotive. The hotel also offers a house brewery, cooking school, restaurant and legend hall, which displays classic cars. There’s even a glass viewing box for collectors who want to show off their four-wheeled babies so envious onlookers can visually partake in the repair process. Keep the automotive theme in high gear by visiting the Porsche and Mercedes-Benz museums and touring the Mercedes-Benz factory. For a car-free experience, try the Kunstmuseum art museum and the Stuttgart Planetarium. Graf Zeppelin Platz, 71034 Böblingen;; Room Rates: $170–$230; tower suite $580

Drive in Cinema room

The V8 Hotel In Stuttgart Germany 2

The car becomes the bed and the ticket booth the wardrobe! The movie screen is a large flat screen on the wall and you are the exclusive VIP audience. This theme room is a hit for the enthusiastic cinema fan.

This room also has a DVD-player with various film classics
for a romantic movie night available.


Camping Room

The V8 Hotel In Stuttgart Germany 3

If you like the outdoors but prefer the comforts of a hotel then this is the room for you. You get to sleep in a cosy caravan or relax on the delightful garden style furniture such as a hammock and to make the create the mood a kerosene lamp is present.

The hotel have also provided the stars because what would camping be without a clear starry sky.

The V8 Hotel In Stuttgart Germany 4


Racing Room

The V8 Hotel In Stuttgart Germany 5

Formula 1 drivers are the heroes of the racetrack and masters of the racing car. Whether for driver or spectator, Formula 1 dominates motor sport and excites every car enthusiast. Treat yourself to a pit stop in this F1 themed room and take the step up to your own personal winner’s podium and enjoy all the atmosphere of Formula 1!

The V8 Hotel In Stuttgart Germany 6


Garage Room

The V8 Hotel In Stuttgart Germany 7

Nowhere is your favorite automobile looked after better than in the workshop of a competent garage. And when your car is in safe hands, you sleep better so why not stay overnight in a garage. This room comes installed with a hydraulic ramp, lockers, piles of tires, workbenches, spanners and wrenches.

The V8 Hotel In Stuttgart Germany 8


Car Wash Room

The V8 Hotel In Stuttgart Germany 9

The car wash, that´s where you can be sure that your favorite car receives maximum care. But, be honest, would you let it go through the car wash alone? Of course not. In this room you can sleep in a classic Mercedes Benz that has been converted to a bed! In the morning you`ll feel freshly polished and shining after a session in the rain-shower.

The V8 Hotel In Stuttgart Germany 10


Scrap Yard Room

The V8 Hotel In Stuttgart Germany 11

This room takes up the theme of a scrap yard, the furniture has been designed from old car material, many stylish paintings emphasize the romantic mood and invite you to linger and unwind after an impressive day in the Meilenwerk.

The V8 Hotel In Stuttgart Germany 12


Gas Station Room

The V8 Hotel In Stuttgart Germany 13

This themed room is not just about gas station but it is also a tribute to Disney’s famous little bug, Herbie, the VW Beetle.

The V8 Hotel In Stuttgart Germany 14

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