Is it allowed through airport security


OK List: What can go through security

This information is from the Transporation Security Administration, better known as the TSA.

  • Knitting needles: No problem
  • Diamonds, other valuables: No problem, but do you really want to bring something like this on a trip and risk losing it?
  • Tools: Pliers, screwdrivers and wrenches are allowed as long as they are not longer than 7 inches.
  • Ice skates: The blades are no problem, but the hockey sticks must be checked
  • Snow globes: No problem as long as they’re no bigger than roughly the size of a tennis ball

Not OK List: Pack in checked-bag or leave it at home

  • Tools: Hammers are not OK (or anything that could be used as a bludgeon)
  • Scissors: If the blades are longer than 4 inches, they must go into checked baggage
  • Peanut butter: No jars allowed in carry-ons, but checked bags are OK and this is true for sauces, dips, salsas and more. Rule of thumb: If it’s gooey or gloppy, it can’t go through security.
  • Wine: If the bottle is over 3.4 ounces, it has to go in a checked-bag.
  • Snow globes: As we saw above, these are permitted, but theyalso must fit in the quart-size zip bag containing your toiletries. If it won’t fit, it must go into a checked-bag.

The Maybe List

Wrapped gifts: These are allowed through security but the TSA officer may have to unwrap them (and no, he will not rewrap them when he’s done). If you don’t want to see a lot of hard work torn away, ship all gifts.

If You’d Like to Learn More

Just go to the TSA website for more details; plus, check out the TSA app called, “Can I bring ___?” The app also includes information on how slow or fast lines are moving at your airport terminal.

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