Loughareema – The Vanishing Lake in Northern Ireland

Loughareema is a unique lake in northern Ireland. Located on the coast road, just a few miles from the seaside town of Ballycastle, the lake conveniently vanishes from time to time. The water does disappear and reappear within hours. For this reason, the lake is known as the Vanishing Lake.

There is always a scientific explanation when things mysteriously vanish in real life. And that includes the Vanishing Lake of Loughareema. The lake sits on a leaky chalk-bed with a sinkhole that often gets blocked up when peat washes into it. During the rainy season, water from surrounding land fill up the Loughareema depression. As a result, the depression turns out to be a lake.

However, the lake vanishes once the blockage is cleared. The lake drains rapidly underground and a passerby who is not aware of the lake and its disappearing act would never even know it existed in the first place. The Loughareema lake can vanish within just few hours of time. This phenomenon has made the Vanishing Lake one of the unique lakes in the world.

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