Magdeburg Water Bridge in Germany – World’s Longest Navigable Aqueduct

The Magdeburg Water Bridge is the longest (total 918 meters) navigable aqueduct in the world. It is situated in Germany and was opened in 2003. It connects the Elbe-Habel Canal and Mittellandkanal, crossing over the Elbe River. The beautiful scenery of the bridge is just awesome to watch.

The construction work started 1997 and it took 6 years to complete and a total cost of €500 million. The water bridge now connects Berlin’s inland harbor network with the ports along the Rhine river.

Canal engineers had first conceived of joining the two waterways as far back as 1919. However, the project was postponed after World War II. The reunification of Germany and establishment of major water transport routes made the Water Bridge a priority again.

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