Mobile Hotel at New Qatar Airport

Mobile hotel concept

Ever been on an endless flight and wished you could step off the plane and head straight to bed for much-needed rest? Anew  hotel that will open at Qatar’s soon-to-be-launched Hamad International Airport may be just what the weary traveler on a layover ordered. Some airports offer sparse accommodations for those stuck on a layover or counting time between delayed or cancelled flights such as in-terminal hotels or showers for rent.

Abu Dhabi’s airport offers sleeping pods within the airport that are essentially fold-down chairs with a screen cover for rent by the hour. If you’re not claustrophobic and don’t mind an ovum shaped coffin to take a nap in, these may be for you. But the new Doha airport promises something a little more interesting in its new airport hotel.

Abu Dhabi's sleeping pods

UK based architect Margo Tarasovich is making her name with the development of what may be the next wave in on-the-go accommodations with a hotel that’s literally on the go. The hotel she has designed for the Hamad airport is a mobile hotel – a hotel that literally moves. No more hassling with taxis or buses to find a hotel if you’re stuck for a few unscheduled hours or days – the hotel will roll up to your plane and pick you up.

Sleeping in an airport hotel

While the rooms are projected to be minimalistic – just a bed, bath and sitting area – they’ve got to be more roomie than the funereal pods offered in Abu Dhabi! Even an itty bitty hotel room is preferable to sleeping hunched in a cripplingly cramped chair in a terminal while guarding your carry-on bags with one eye open.

But here are my questions. The mobile hotel concept sounds nifty for those guests waiting on pickup at an airplane. But for those already checked in, when the whole hotel goes rumbling off to pick up new guests, will you be rattled out of your tiny bed? Will you run the risk of somnolent motion sickness when your hotel room goes on a drive about?

Until the hotel is unveiled for review, our curiosity will remain unsatisfied. And no matter how the project comes to fruition, the notion itself is intriguing and may spawn other similar attempts to facilitate travel and accommodations simultaneously.

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