Morgue Hotel Opening In Tasmania

Halloween got upstaged by Mother Nature who spooked the hell out of us in the form of Hurricane Sandy. We’ve been rattled so much that we’d like to circle back to what we wanted to show you–one of the freakiest “hotel” ideas we’ve ever heard–not counting the Japanese toilet one (that’s just strange, and we’ve seen a few).

I doubt it’s by accident that Australian businessman Hadyn Pearce coordinated his most recent announcement with the end of October: He is hoping to convert a former mortuary in southern Tasmania into a hotel, concrete deathbeds and all. The original surgical equipment and a stainless steel bathtub once used to wash bodies would also highlight the dark décor.

“We’ll be looking at putting a double bed in one of the rooms and then we have three slabs and two pull-out fridges which could be used,” Pearce told AFP. And by “pull-out fridges,” he doesn’t mean the minibar. It appears that guests will sleep on the sliding metal drawers that once cooled down corpses.

“The idea is to give an experience in a morgue before it’s too late,” he joked in an interview with TravelMail.

Pearce needs approval from a Willow Court council before doing anything, but he hopes to make the former psychiatric morgue a 2013 extension of the 22-room Willow Court Motel that he already owns and operates on the complex. Apparently, it’s already haunted.

“We’ve had some very interesting reactions from the people who come here. The general reaction is that people gasp. A few people run out screaming,” Pearce said. “Certainly over the time I’ve been here, you think you see people, you go to look and there’s nobody there.”

According to the NY Daily News, when he was asked whether he thought travelers would really want to sleep in the four-bedroom morgue motel, he said, “We’re going to find out.”

And so we wonder: Would you sleep in a place like this? Let us know in the comments.

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