Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a beautiful country with many natural landscapes. The mesmerizing waterfalls are among the main features of the natural beauty of the country. Bangladesh is home to many beautiful waterfalls – both large and small. What makes these waterfalls so charming is the natural beauty of the surrounding areas of the waterfalls.

1. Madhabkunda Waterfall:

Madhabkunda is the largest waterfall in Bangladesh situated in Moulvi Bazar District, Sylhet Division. The waterfall is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Bangladesh. The beautiful waterfall is about 200 feet high. It’s the highest waterfall among all the other waterfalls of Bangladesh.

2. Ham-Ham Waterfall:

Ham-Ham is the newly discovered wild waterfall in Bangladesh. It’s also situated in Moulvibazar District and the adjacent areas of the waterfall is famous for typical rain forest and rich wild life. Ham-Ham is now being regarded as the largest waterfall in the country though there is no official confirmation yet.

3. Shuvolong Falls:

Shuvolong Falls is an amazing waterfall in Bangladesh. There are few waterfalls in Shuvolong area with the largest one falling from as high as 300 feet. The waterfall is situated in the hilly area of Rangamati. The only available path to reach at the waterfall is through water. Shuvolong is easily accessible by speed boat or motor boats from Rangamati.

4. Nafa-khum Waterfall:

Nafa-khum is a waterfall in Bangladesh on the Sangu River. It is among the largest waterfalls in the country by volume of water falling.

5. Shitakundo Falls:

Shitakundo waterfall is a mini waterfall situated at Shitakundo Hill, Chittagong. However, this mini waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bangladesh.

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