QR Code Hotel Room for Tech Geeks

QR code hotel room by Antoine Peters

Tech geek alert: if you love your iPhone more than your grandma (just kidding, mostly!) and can’t stop yourself from scanning every QR code you see (even the one on the ketchup bottle), we have something fun for you today.

Tech lovers and marketers have a new favorite place to stay at the Hotel Modez in Arnhem, Netherlands. The space, conceptualized by renowned Dutch fashion designer Antoine Peters, is a hotel room covered from floor to ceiling in QR codes.Furnishings in the QR code hotel room

QR codes are the small bar code shaped devices that are showing up all over the place. They have become popular among businesses targeting the ever-growing demographic of smartphone users. Basically you scan the QR code with your smartphone, and it takes you to a piece of custom content like a coupon or a fun little video.

The hospitality industry has its own approach to using this in their mobile marketing. Hotels typically share QR codes that allow guests to scan with their smartphones for extra perks such as free appetizers and drinks, or to purchase items from high-tech hotel minibars. Some hotels are using the codes in more creative ways, giving guests the option of downloading a free app to send postcards to friends and family or providing scan-able artwork for self-guided tours through the hotel gallery.View of the QR code hotel room by Antoine Peters

But the Peters room at Hotel Modez is the first to fully integrate QR codes into the design of a space.

The twenty-room hotel is known for its unique concept featuring cutting edge designs. Before it opened its doors earlier this Fall, Hotel Modez selected 30 popular Dutch fashion designers to decorate their spaces. The resulting spaces are unique works of art that showcase the personality of each of the artists in some way.

The Peters’ room itself is a space almost entirely covered in QR codes. The codes can be found on everything from the bedding and the radiator cover to the wallpaper and window treatments. There is even QR code themed framed artwork in the space. The result is a modern and visually interesting patchwork style design that could keep visitors scanning for hours. Guests won’t be receiving a chance at free appetizers or drinks when they scan the codes in this room, but visitors do gain access to a number of artistic and provocative images hand selected by Antoine Peters.Wallpaper in the QR code hotel room

While this room may not be the best choice for families or those who suffer from motion sickness, it holds a definite appeal for avid smartphone users and techies. The unique, futuristic concept in the room is designed to keep guests busy and entertained. We expect to see more QR code inspired designs and exhibits popping up around the globe. We’ll keep you posted on the best ones we find. In the meantime, if you are looking for an interesting place to stay on your next trip to the Netherlands, check out Antoine Peters’ room at Hotel Modez.

Bedding in the QR code hotel room

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