Spring Break Tips and Amazing Life Hacks!

1.  Hide Your Junk

This is a great trick. Try placing it among other beach-care products. They’ll never know!

2. The Old Bag Shoe Trick

They can’t steal your bag without stealing you! Take this opportunity to fatten up. Now you’re even harder to steal!

3.  Get Wi-Fi Passwords

Check Foursquare to get the inside scoop on public Wi-Fi passwords, instead of asking every waiter in the universe. Waiters can also get kind of weird if you ask for the password without ordering anything.

4. Bring a Fitted Sheet to the Beach

Fitted sheets aren’t good for many things, but they make great beach blankets. Use four big items on each corner to keep your space sand-free.

5.  Smartphone Speaker

Boost the volume of your phone or iPod by placing it inside an empty glass. The glass MUST be empty. That’s very important.

6.  Flip-Flop Fix

While you’re at it, make some sandwiches with that bread. Save your money for other stuff, like better sandwiches!

7.  USB’s For All!

When everyone has claimed their usb plugin, turn to the TV. Thanks, TV! You solve all our problems.

8.  Save Your Seat

It sucks when a bartender throws out your unfinished beer. Spring break can be way too hectic for them to keep track of who’s coming and who’s going. Use this trick to prevent tragedy.

9.  Cable Case

Makeup bags work great too. But if you’re a dude you probably have more access to these. The hard case is nice.

10,  Know Your Exits

Yes, it seems simple, and it is. But when you are caught up in the fun/stress of finding your way around another city, you can easily forget which side your exit is going to be on. Now who’s dead? Not you!! Hooray!!

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