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Pop-Up Shipping Container Hotel

We’ve seen “pop-up” boutiques and pop-up festivals, pop-up restaurants and even pop-up museums. But we’ve never seen a pop-up hotel. The pop-up concept – a temporary location for entertainment or business, often offered in...


Worlds Top 10 Haunted Places To Travel.

The world has many strange wonders, if you are feeling brave enough then check out our top haunted places to visit for a spooky experience never to forget! 10 – Beelitz-Heilsttten Hitler’s Hospital This...


Top 10 Weirdest Restaurants in the World

1. Huashan Teahouse (Huayin, China) This restaurant takes the meaning out of working for your food. Located at the top of Mount Hua, visitors must tiptoe across wooden planks nailed to the side of...