The Balancing Barn Hotel, UK

Find a little balance in this precariously perched hotel. The Balancing Barn was designed by the Dutch firm MVRDV , who have won a world-wide reputation for the ingenuity, playfulness and comfort of their designs.

The Balancing Barn stands on the edge of a tranquil nature reserve a few miles inland from the Suffolk coast, near the historic towns of Walberswick and Aldeburgh.

Clad in elegant silver tiles, the house dramatically cantilevers over the landscape, providing views from its huge panoramic windows over woods, ponds and meadows.

The Barn is 30 meters (98ft) long, with a 15 meter (49ft) cantilever over a slope, plunging the house headlong into nature. The reason for this spectacular setting is the linear experience of nature. As the site slopes, and the landscape with it, the visitor experiences nature first at ground level and ultimately at tree height. The linear structure provides the stage for a changing outdoor experience.

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