The beauty of Sabah, Borneo


On the 8th November, Royal Brunei and Sabah Tourism flew us from London to Sabah, Borneo for the iAmassador #LoveSabah trip. A place known for its cute orang utans, swathes of dense rainforest and its incredible beauty it seems to enchant everyone that’s lucky enough to visit.

We spent over a week exploring Sabah’s varied terrain, encountering soaring mountains, idyllic islands, sunsets to die for and Borneo’s famous wildlife (often very close up)! Also falling under its spell, we found it definitely deserves its reputation for being one of the world’s beautiful places, here’s are our journey through Sabah in BIG pictures…

Hotel Beach

Gaya Island

Jungle River boat

Gaya Island Jetty

Boats Gaya Island

Swimming Pool




Boats on Gaya Island_Snapseed

The #LoveSabah project was created and managed by iambassador, in partnership with Royal Brunei Airlines and Sabah Tourism. All opinions are our own. 

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