The Food Hotel

A food snob’s dream hotel is probably a place where after indulging in a seven-course tasting menu from one of the world’s best chef, they could just roll themselves into an elevator and head up to a spacious hotel room (and order some room service.)

But for someone who’s got the munchies instead, their dream hotel might just be an actual hotel inspired by a supermarket.

In Neuwid, Germany, The Food Hotel has opened with lobby furniture that looks like soup cans, tables and cushions in the guestrooms that are shaped like biscuits and theme rooms inspired by supermarket food and drinks. Oh and the hotel’s logo is a barcode.

Thirty six of Germany’s biggest supermarket names teamed up with the hotel to create rooms designed around their product however they wanted. Reuters reports:

Each bedroom is unique — in the room designed by Messmer, one of Germany’s most prominent tea companies, everything revolves around tea, with traditional tea crates and images of exotic tea plantations providing decoration.

In the room designed by Ferrero, the scene of a TV advertisement for its Raffaello coconut candies set on a desert island is recreated — there are palm trees, shells, summer hats, photos of sandy beaches and books about faraway dream destinations.

But there’s one room that tops them all–the Chio room–designed by German potato chip manufacturer, Chio. Here guests can feast on Chio chips while a mirrored disco ball rotates above and flashing lights go off in the bathroom. Another room that looks rather cool? The Coca-cola room. We wonder if that connects to the potato chip room?

In all rooms, guests can choose which snacks and beverages they want to go to bed with, not just the ones that happens to be the room’s theme. And if that doesn’t quash the cravings the hotel has its own supermarket on site.

Sure, it’s ultimately a marketing ploy and if this happened stateside, we’re not so sure we’d want to go to sleep with Frito-Lay and Sunkist (or worse/better, Slim Jims and slurpees) but being Germany, where we expect quirkiness from hotels, we think it would be a fun hotel stay for a night. We know our bro would gobble it right up.

The hotel’s website is entirely in German and the booking engine and the room descriptions were not loading for us last night. But Reuters reports that rooms start at around 90 Euros for a single room and 129 Euros for a double.

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