Hammocks at The Mahiko Mano café

Mahiko Mano Hammock Cafe Tokyo

It’s no stretch to say that Japan is home to some of the strangest themed restaurants in the world (Cannibalistic Sushi is just the tip of the iceberg!). But it is also home to plenty of unique establishments that won’t gross you out. In fact, the one we have in mind for today’s post is a totally relaxing experience. A café full of hammocks seems like a no-brainer, but we really hadn’t seen anything like this put into practice until we came across Tokyo’s Mahiko Mano Hammock Café.

Mahiko Mano Hammock Cafe Tokyo, Japan

The Mahiko Mano café is such a simple idea that it makes you wonder why there aren’t more of these around. This café is arranged like any other except that all chairs have been replaced by hammocks in a variety of different colors and sizes. There are various arrangements of hammocks that cater to groups or just the single coffee drinker. Obviously, eating a full meal might prove a bit difficult while reclining in your hammock, but the café does offer a menu of small plates featuring eclectic Japanese cuisine.

Mahiko Mano Hammock Cafe Tokyo, Japan

The trouble with hammocks is that they put people to sleep. This is certainly one reason a café owner might think twice before stringing up a bunch of hammocks in their café. In order to keep visitors from passing an entire day in their comfortable café, Mahiko Mano enforces a time limit of 90 to 120 minutes per customer. Still, a couple of hours in a comfy hammock with a warm drink should be plenty of time to revive the weary tourist.

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