The Marmara Antalya, Turkey

Located on the famous Falez cliffs near Antalya, the world’s only revolving hotel building gives guests magnificent 360° views.

The complete ‘Revolving Loft’ annex building moves, with a full rotation of it’s 24 guest bedrooms taking anywhere between 2 and 22 hours. The rotation is smooth, aided by 6 electric motors in the basement and you can go to sleep facing the sea and wake up facing the pool.

This 2750 ton building floats in a tank holding only 478 tons of water. With the 3 bottommost floors submerged, there is a lounge at the entrance and rooms on the other 3 floors. Yet somehow, the taps still work and the toilets still flush.

It is an impressive feat of engineering design. The complete hotel consists of 238 originally designed rooms.

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