The Pavilion, Rock-N-Roll and Fashion Fantasy

Exterior view Pavilion Hotel London's hotel design

Central London has a reputation as one of the birthplaces of great music and high fashion, and a boutique hotel in that neighborhood has worked hard to capture that glory.  The Pavilion is a 30 room rock-and-roll and fashion fantasy extravaganza. It features a design inspired by music and fashion that blends themes and brings different settings to life for its guests.  Started by former model Danny Karne, along with his sister Noshi, this hotel is a favorite setting for TV shows and music video producers from around the world.

Hotel design room view The Pavilion London

Guests are carried into a world brought alive through bold design choices, where genres melt effortlessly and small statements reinforce subtle themes. While each of the rooms features a unique design, several are standouts for what they evoke.  Some are just plain fun. All of the rooms take hotel guests beyond a mundane hotel stay and into a world of the Karnes’ creation.

Honkey Tonk Afro is a visitor favorite, a bold tribute to the excesses of the 1970s.  The walls are lime green, and trimmed with pink feather boas. The room also features a disco ball, mirrored headboards and the requisite fuzzy dice. While at first the combination of items can feel like too much, the result immerses guests into a room straight out of the 70s.

Honkey Tonk Afro Pavilion Hotel

The Monochrome Marilyn brings alive the glamor of 1950s Hollywood with a black, white, and silver theme.  The room features strong Andy Warhol inspired images of screen icon Marilyn Monroe, contrasting with an otherwise austere color palette.  A small and solitary space, the room evokes a mood that is contemplative.

The press has called The Pavilion “London’s hottest crash pad for style slaves.”  Visitors with big fashion tastes love Better Red Than Dead, a room constructed entirely in shades of red – from the walls to the fabrics to the antique French furniture. Repurposed theatrical curtains and bed hangings add to the sense of drama. While not for the faint of heart, the space is perfect for those looking to create a memorable context for their London adventures.

Location themed room The Pavilion Hotel

Gold Finger is pure James Bond, all sleek blacks and swanky gold accents.  From the Jamaican potted palm to the gentlemanly striped walls, it’s easy to think that 007 could walk through the door at any moment.  Other rooms of note include War and Peace, decorated with a campaign tent from the Napoleonic Wars; the Silver Salon, a sprawling testament to opulence and luxury for which no expense was spared, including hand hammered silver leaf; and Highland Fling, with a brazen use of tartans that leaves no question that the room takes its inspiration from Scotland.

Recent high fashion shoot at the Pavilion Hotel London

The Karnes set out to design a hotel that stood out, where guests could choose rooms based on their personal whims and those in search of an unusual setting for photography or video could find a home. With an artistic flare that speaks compellingly to artists of all types, a visit to The Pavilion is likely to be graced with a band, actor, or other notable figure. While the rooms themes are diverse and the organizing principle is looser than at other hotels we’ve covered, the Pavilion is well worth a visit for design enthusiasts and music and fashion lovers alike.

Image sources: The Pavilion, Unusual Hotels of the World

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