The Rapa River Delta in Sarek National Park, Sweden

Located within Sarek National Park, the Rapa River Delta is considered one of the prettiest river deltas in Europe. Rapa River Delta is one of the main attractions of the park. The summit of mount Skierfe offers a magnificent overlook of this amazing delta trough ice covered valley.

The Rapa River flows through magnificent mountain ranges and narrow valleys in the province Lapland in northern Sweden. At the mouth of Lake Laitaure, the Rapa River forms the Laitaure Delta. The Rapa River Delta can be best viewed from the air as the delta below offers a breathtaking view. However, if a helicopter ride is not possible, the second best views are obtained from the mount Skierfe at the right.

Skierfe has a vertical wall at the side of the valley, but the top can be hiked from the back side on an easy path. The area is popular with hikers and mountaineers. However, the area is not suitable for beginners as it has no marked trails and no accommodations

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