The Story of Al Baik Fast-food Broast Restaurant

17 Facts That You Probably Never Knew About Al Baik

Al Baik continues to put MMMMMs and WOOOWs on our lips everytime we eat it or even just smell it. It has become deeply embedded in our tradition and almost everyone living in Saudi Arabia will confirm to this. It has truly become an icon of the highest quality and best value in the restaurant industry in the Kingdom.

While other restaurants have tried to produce something similar, they just can’t beat Al Baik. In fact they can never quite prepare something even remotely close to that amazing, alluring taste. Not even the garlic sauce they make, can rival with that of Al Baik. So here are some interesting facts that you probably never knew about Al Baik.


1. The name Al Baik came about in 1986, years after the restaurant launched.

It was called Broast Restaurants before that.

2. It started back in 1974 in an old renovated warehouse.

This was in the Sharfiyah neighborhood in Jeddah.

3. It was the first restaurant to introduce the concept of Broast chicken in the country.

400 copycat restaurants immediately popped up following its success.

4. Started by Shakkour AbuGhazalah, he never lived to see the restaurant become a success.

He passed away 5 months after launching at the age of 48.

6. His son Ihsan AbuGhazalah took over and developed their famous 18 secret herbs and spices recipe.

In fact him and his brother used to prepare the secret recipe at an unknown location for many years by themselves and transported it to the central kitchen for frying on a daily basis.

7. It is by far the largest consumer of chicken out of all the fast food restaurants operating in the country.

Well obviously!

8. Al Baik is actually the title used to refer to an important person in Turkish – similar to “Sir”.

Which is apparently the way they want their staff to treat their customers.


9. Al Baik is finally opening a branch outside of the Western Province.

Kicking off their national expansion program through the city of Qassim.

10. An AlBaik Chicken Meal adds up to a whopping 1142 calories.

Its worth the taste ain’t it?

11. Ever wondered why they don’t serve in fountain cups like other fast food brands.

It’s because most of Al Baik’s customers choose to takeaway rather than dine in.

12. The Chicken which Al Baik uses is imported from Brazil.

We guess the chicken suppliers in Brazil are probably billionaires by now. : )

13. Al Baik currently has 53 branches.

Out of which 40 are in Jeddah alone. Those Jeddahwis are lucky!

14. Al Baik runs the world’s largest quick service food production facility.

This is in fact a non profit venture and runs only during the Hajj season.

15. When they launched they used to sell Shasta Cola along with the meal.

Today Shasta Cola can’t be found anywhere in the country!

16. Even the oil used to fry the chicken is is prepared specifically for Al Baik.

The oil is a unique blend of vegetable oils which apparently play a crucial part in its final taste.

17. There are Al Baik restaurants operating in Egypt, South Africa, India, USA and any more countries.

None of them are original franchises though and just can’t match the taste.

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