Titanic Beach Resort Hotel in Antalya, Turkey

Situated amid the sandy beaches of Lara, in the Mediterranean seacoast of Bust, Titanic Beach Resort Hotel is an amazing resort in Antalya, Turkey. The hotel occupies an area of 95,000 square meters. Titanic Beach Resort Hotel is designed like the famous Titanic ship and it is situated right on the Mediterranean Coast, 10 kilometers from Antalya.

Titanic Beach Lara Hotel: Pool by night
Titanic Beach Lara Hotel: kids pool
Titanic Beach Lara Hotel: Titanic at night taken through bulb mode.

The resort has top rated travel facilities for arena and liquid activities. Among other noteworthy facilities include sports options, world-class spa, inspired anesthetic and planetary cooking and the lively weather of day and dark recreation. Titanic Beach Resort offers sempiternal opportunities for quietness and activity to make the travel an interesting one. The resort offers enchanting views and plushy livelihood.

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