Top 10 Hidden Secrets of Disneyland

1. Higher Ground

Believe it or not, the Magic Kingdom is actually above the roof of a ground-level floor. Underneath, called the Utilidors, is where “cast members” report to work, trash gets taken out, and deliveries are made. It’s all happening behind – that is, “under” the scenes.

2. Here Kitty, Kitty

Every night, 200 feral cats are released to prowl after guests have gone home. The cats are a great way to control the rodent population, keeping the park free of any mice not named “Mickey.”

3. Suri Cruise Slept In Cindarella’s Castle

There are lots of perks to being a celebrity child, and one of them is extra access to Disneyland. The suite for six – which was also an apartment for Walt – is generally reserved for charities and events.

4. The Other Disney Club

Club 33, the most exclusive club in the world, is housed in Disneyland. The secret spot is behind a nondescript green door, located in New Orleans square. The wait list is 10 years long, and initiation fees go up to $10,000.

5. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Steve Martin used to work in the magic shop in Disneyland.

6. Childhood Memories

Disneyland’s Main St. is meant as a replica of Marceline, Missouri, Walt Disney’s boyhood town. The street is scented with vanilla during warm months and peppermint during the holidays.

7. He’s All Over The Place

There are Mickey Mouse’s all over Disneyland. So many, no one knows how many there are!

8. Walt Disney Had an Apartment There

You can still see the lamp from the window of this apartment, where Walt would entertain friends, play with his grandkids, and survey the merriment below.

9. Drawbridge

The drawbridge is real, but has only been lowered twice. The first time was on opening day, and the second in the 1980s when the park was re-done.

10. Making His Mark

Can you spot the Disney Family Crest? It’s right above the drawbridge as you enter Fantasyland.

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