Top 10 Places to Visit in Europe

It wasn’t built in a day.

After Venice, jet off to Rome for a real (and fascinating) history lesson. The Vatican headquarters is filled with magnificent architecture.

Toro! en Madrid

If you’re looking to brush up on that high school Spanish, Madrid is a must. Schedule your trip right in time to see a bull fight and visit Plaza Mayor for some delicious churros.

Care for some blood pudding?

Edinburgh is perhaps the most “British” city in the UK. The castle on the hill overlooking the city, the kilted men playing bagpipes on the corners, the haggis and blood pudding. Give it a try – it’s not as bad as it sounds.

J’ai Deux Amours

…mon pay et Paris. “I have two loves, my country and Paris.” Don’t miss out on the romance capital of the world. But when you visit the Eiffel Tower and the ticket agents asks if you’d like to pay to take an elevator “to the second floor,” keep in mind the second floor is actually the top.

God Save the Queen

Visiting merry ol’ England is a must. Check out the “Eye of London,” “Tower Bridge” and Buckingham Palace. Travel a little out of the city for Stonehenge and Canterbury Cathedral.

More than you expected.

Copenhagen, Denmark has a rich history. Brimming over with museums, this is a quaint, off the map destination for those who shy away from touristy hot spots.

Amsterdam Revealed

There’s a lot more to this famous city than what Harold and Kumar would have you believe. Visit Anne Frank’s house and partake in some delicious pastries at a local cafe.

Hop in my gondola.

Venice ranks right up there with Paris for the title of “city for lovers.” Visit during Carnivale for a real treat, or go during a less festive time for those endless rides through the canals.


Prague in the Czech Republic is like a fairy tale come to life. The copper-capped castles and the cobblestone streets are magical. Visit O Cemetery to visit the grave of literary great Franz Kafka or stop by a farmer’s market.

 99 Luftballoons

Berlin is a thriving metropolis filled with some great history. Explore the remnants of the Berlin Wall before taking in some great shopping.

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