Top 10 Unique Travel Destinations

1, Marsa Alam

Where the Arabian Desert meets The Red Sea, lays a town named Marsa Alam. The Egyptian town is famous for its many untainted waters. It’s a favorite among scuba divers because of its pristine conditions. You need to be pretty brave to dip into the sea snake and hammerhead shark infested ocean. It doesn’t stop at that. There’s plenty of fish in the sea. Well, there are plenty of turtles, octopuses, and even spinner dolphins. It’s also situated near The Red Sea Corals. Careful with your flippers!

2, The Potala Palace

The Potala Palace sits atop the Red Hill of Lhasa, Tibet. Lhasa is the birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism and home of the Dalai Lama himself. The beautifully complex palace was rebuilt under the fifth Dalai Lama in 1645 after it was struck by lightning and battered by war. Today, The Potala Palace is open to visitors. It is comprised of two main sections, the Red Palace and the White Palace. The Red Palace is lined with the stories of various Buddhists. We hope Google translate works over there! Its red color signifies dignity and power, while the white colored palace signifies calmness and peace. The gold, gemstone, and pearl covered chapel within the Red Palace isn’t too shabby either.

3, Madagascar

Madagascar is more than where Melman the giraffe lives. It is the most bio-diverse island on the planet. 90% of its plants and animals only exist in this country. Nowhere else will you find the zebra-striped ring-tailed Lemur. The Republic of Madagascar broke apart from India, forming an island, about 88 million years ago. Because of this, the lemur has been able to flourish without those pesky monkeys eating everyone. The plant life has also benefited from the lack of competing species. If you’re looking for an incredibly unique travel spot, look no further. Or better yet, look really far.

4, Igloo Lights

Located in Saariselkä, Finland, this Igloo village has one of the best views on earth. Don’t bother looking out of the window. Cozy up in bed inside of your own private igloo and enjoy the prime seating for the spectacular event known as the northern lights. Simply look up through the thermal glass ceiling and experience this phenomenon without the -22°F temperatures. If you get swept off your feet by the romance of this place, you’re just a few feet away from the beautiful glass igloo chapel. And if, like us, you’re more likely to get swept away with hunger, head over to the snow restaurant.

5, The Huacachina Oasis

It’s not a mirage. It’s a real life oasis! Honest! The Huacachina village was built around a non-man-made lake in the southwest Peruvian desert. It is now a secluded tourist destination. But of course, it’s not actually an oasis without a winery. Oh, what’s that? They have their own winery? What about a restaurants and pubs? OK, we’re in.

6, Hotel Everland

Don’t count on Hotel Everland to stay in the same place. This one room hotel is dragged around, lifted, and placed on top of museums, bridges, you name it. It was last spotted on the roof of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, overlooking the Eiffel Tower. This place has pretty much everything but an address. With the very well stocked mini bar and king-sized bed, it’s a shame that you can only book the hotel one night. And they don’t seem to mind if you steal their golden towels. The modern looking lounge is so stylish, that you’d be crazy not to invite us over. We mean, invite your friends over. Invite us over! Please!

7, Mount Cook

We expect nothing less than spectacular from the home of middle earth. The Lord of the Rings took full advantage of this stunning country. It’s almost paradise no matter where you go in New Zealand. We’re particularly fond of Mount Cook. It is the highest mountain in the country. Mount Cook is lucky enough to enjoy 300 in of rainfall a year. This makes for some great scenery. You never know if Smeagol is lurking around the corner. But, we think its worth the risk.

8, White Sands, NM

White Sands National Monument is an American gem. Nowhere else in the world will you see a seemingly endless sea of sparkling white sand dunes. Essential tools will include: a grill, a sled, and a blanket. Sled rides are an innocent, recreational staple in the park. The sunsets are unrivaled. The stargazing is spectacular. All of that is found in a little space between the cities of Alamogordo and Las Cruces, New Mexico. Who would have thought?

9, The Ghobi Desert

Spanning northern China and southern Mongolia, the Gobi Desert is a perfect place for an adventurous traveler. The extreme weather conditions can range from –40°F to 122°F. Be sure to dress in layers! Despite the ridiculous climate, animals like the Black-tailed Gazelle, and Bactrian Camel have managed to adapt to the unforgiving desert. It is also home to The Singing Dunes of Khongoriing Els. The sweeping curves of these famous dunes offer a stunning backdrop to a sunset camel ride. And if you can manage to climb to the top of one of these sand dunes, they’re perfect for a childish tumble down. Weeee!

10, The Mauna Kea Volcano

When we think of Hawaii, we’re not really picturing snow. But if you want to see one astonishing Hawaiian sunset, you better throw on your parka. It starts with a drive outside of the famous tropics of the island. The landscape slowly starts to resemble a road trip through the middle of New Mexico. The odd experience continues as you make your trek up to the peak of Mauna Kea, parka in hand, thinking, “Really?!”. Yes, really. When you’re going from sea level to nearly 14,000 feet, it can get cold, even below freezing. Brave this attraction and you’ll be rewarded with a view that no one would expect from an island vacation.

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