Top 10 USA Destinations

Seattle Space Needle

The Seattle, Washington Space Needle is a UFO looking tower with great views of the city. It is a great place to celebrate the New Years.

The Grand Canyon

The United States is filled with amazing, life-changing locations. Make sure your see them with your own eyes before you die! Arizona’s Grand Canyon is one of the most famous natural landmarks of the US. And for good reason.

The Capitol

Washington D.C. is not only the home of our president, but the a place to learn about out country. Landmarks include the Capitol building, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and the White House.

Times Square

Even more exciting at night, Times Square is place people all over the globe come to see. It proves NYC’s slogan right, “The city that never sleeps.” It is a commercial paradise!

Las Vegas

Visit the Las Vegas strip! Full of the most imaginative hotels, shows, shopping, gambling, and parties. Just remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

The Wave Canyon

Arizona’s Wave Canyon in near the border to Utah. The erosion of this canyon brings out the Navajo Sandstone of the Jurassic Age. There have been finding of dinosaur tracks and fossils. This beautiful canyon is probably one of the most artistic natural landmarks in the world.

Arches National Park

Utah’s Arches National Park is filled with arched red rock formations and balanced rocks (that will boggle your mind). It’s interesting to see the different ways nature reacts to itself.

The Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco is know for its Golden Gate Bridge. While you’re in SF checking out one of the US’s most recognizable landmarks, make sure to experience the city too! SOMA for it’s night life. Mission & Castro for its food. Golden Gate Park for museums, gardens, and live performances. A picnic on Twin Peaks, where you can get the most complete view of the city.

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota, is an amazing man-made piece of art. Take the opportunity to appreciate accurate installations of our historical presidents!


Yosemite National Park is filled with beautiful scenery. Cliffs, waterfalls, sequoia groves, meadows, and if you’re willing to hike you could end up on Glacier Point! Yosemite is nature at its finest.

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