Top 15: Most Beautiful Valleys in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country full of natural beauty. Beautiful mountains and valleys are inseparable part of the natural beauty of the country. Pakistan is blessed with breathtaking and picturesque mountains and valleys all around the country. It is the home to some of the most beautiful valleys in the world.

Below are pictures of 15 of the most beautiful valleys in Pakistan. It is because of these beautiful valleys that some people regard the country as paradise on earth.

1. Kaghan Valley:

2. Hunza Valley:

3. Swat Valley:

4. Leepa Valley:

5. Nagar Valley:

6. Naltar Valley:

7. Skardu Valley:

8. Yasin Valley:

9. Soon Valley:

10. Shigar Valley:

11. Samahni Valley:

12. Rupal Valley:

13. Naran Valley:

14. Kurram Valley:

15. Kunar Valley:

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