Sundarbans – World’s Largest Single Block of Mangrove Forest

The Sundarbans is a mangrove forest in the southern region of Bangladesh. It is the largest continuous block of mangrove forest in the world and covers an area of 5,770 squire kilometers of land and water. The Sundarbans is densely covered by thick undisturbed mangrove forests. It is the greatest natural reserve of Bangladesh and one of the largest natural reserve of the world.

The Sundarbans is home to the legendary Royal Bengal Tiger. It is the largest reserve for the Royal Bengal Tiger in the world. The Sundarbans covers parts of Bangladesh and Indian state of West Bengal. About two third of the mangrove forest lies in Bangladesh and the rest in Indian state of West Bengal.

The Sundarbans is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the array of trees and wildlife of the forest is a showpiece of natural history. The forest consists of about 200 islands, separated by about 400 interconnected tidal rivers, creeks and canals. The Sundarbans is an amazing forest and it is home to many wildlife.

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