Wheel Shaped Five Star Hotel Near Dubai Islands

Here is the latest ultra-luxury mega project from the Emirates of Dubai, the world capital of extreme extravagance. This time it’s a luxury virtual peninsula crowned with a five star hotel in the shape of a wheel!
The Dubai property developer Nakheel Group has announced it’s building a virtual peninsula along the Dubai shoreline anchored by a five-star wheel-shaped hotel you can see in these pictures.
Named as Dubai Promenade, this project will be a luxury waterfront residential and commercial peninsula overlooking the giant palm-tree shaped Dubai Palm islands. The Wheel-Shaped hotel will be located between Dubai Marina (another luxury project) and the seafront and will be adjacent to the Dubai palm islands resulting according to reports of awesome views of Palm Jumeirah island.
Reclamation at Dubai Promenade is already being undertaken by Van Oord and due to be completed in the first quarter of 2008. Construction of the wheel shaped hotel and other buildings will begin in mid-2008.
On completion, the development will accommodate approximately 10,000 residents in more than 2,000 residential units. In addition a selection of cafes, restaurants and retail offerings will span the length of the entire waterfront.

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