Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel Valais Suisse Switzerland

Whitepod Snow Covered

Eco-design meets exclusive ski escape. Similar to the Glass Igloos of Finland, the Whitepod Hotel in Switzerland uses geodesic designed pods to give guests a completely unique mountain side experience. Each pod is uniquely furnished with a modern Alpine aesthetic and comes with a simple wood burning stove.  Covered with white canvas in the winter and green in the summer, the resort’s subtle profile blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. Guests have access to 3 private lifts which can be operated 24 hours a day upon request and 7 kilometers of exclusive trails. Relaxing isn’t necessarily the first word to come to mind when you think of a ski vacation, but at Whitepod it seems like it might be completely possible.

Whitepod Back


Whitepod Night


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